Feb 26

Poker emotions

poker emotionWe know that emotions have no place at the poker table. We know this – in theory – but nobody plays poker in theory.

When real money and real pride is at stake, the adrenaline starts pumping and emotions take on a will of their own.

Even if you play poker on the Internet at one of the best poker sites, you must control your emotions to be profitable.

Like unwelcome house guests, they just show up, oblivious to whether or not we want them around. Still, we have a choice. We can slam the door and lock them out, or we can meekly allow them in and suffer the result. So how do you respond when these unwelcome guests show up at your poker game? Do you tell them to go away? Or do you invite them in, allowing them to jump all over your game like a kangaroo on crack? Here’s a quiz to help you sort it out:

Question: A very bad player has just beaten you out of a huge pot when he catches two perfect runners on the turn and river to make a straight with his 6-4 offsuit, cracking your pocket aces. Do you:

A) Smile, tell your opponent, “Nice hand” and then forget about it. You feel confident that your superior play will get the money in the long run and grateful to have such a bad player in your game.

B) Choke out, “Nice hand,” through clenched teeth and then continue to brood about the loss for the next several hours, letting it slowly eat away at you like termites in a dead tree.

C) Say nothing at all but silently swear an oath of revenge, resolving to confiscate all of his chips no matter how long it takes, dedicating yourself to this cause with the singleminded devotion of a religious zealot.

D) Jump up from the table and throw a fit, screaming like a five-year-old who has just been told that Santa Claus died.

Scoring: If you answered “A” – congratulations. You are a poker-playing machine. Or perhaps a Vulcan.

If you answered “B” – okay. You’re learning how to slam the door on your emotions but sometimes they still manage to crawl in through the window.

If your answer was “C” – not so good. Your game can’t function properly because it’s bruised and battered, covered with kangaroo hoof-prints.

If you said “D” – well, to paraphrase an old poker saying, “If you look around the table and can’t spot the maniac, it’s you.”

   Jun 08

Good Four Nothing

losing-playerI was playing in a no-limit Texas Hold’em tournament recently and faring pretty well. In fact, I’d won enough hands with the nuts that most of the other players at my table were a bit intimidated (which, of course, allowed me to steal a number of additional pots). When a new player would join us, he’d quickly be advised to “watch out for this guy” — meaning yours truly.

Man, did I ever love that! I could have happily sat at this particular table all night — the other players were so easy to read. Unfortunately, though, all good things must come to an end. The fabled table proceeded to go bust and I had to join another one. At this new table all players seemed very fit and they looked like they exercised a lot. Like a table or marathon runners. Or maybe they used a lot of green coffee pills to look so lean without any belly fat. I mean this is poker and I tend to look at the other player’s appearance to have an idea about their psychology, stamina and health.

My first hand at the new table was A-K suited. I made a decent-sized raise and then the player two seats to my left re-raised me. (What nerve! Hadn’t he seen the way I decimated the other table?) What’s more, someone else called the re-raise. Being my first hand at the table, I decided to play conservatively and folded.

I also ventured to joke, “Geez, the other table let me steal a few pots here and there.” No one laughed. I started wondering if I could somehow get my old table put back together. That table had been a lot of fun — and my bets were generally respected.

Anyway, the flop was a queen and two forgettable lower cards. The first player bet strong. I was thinking to myself, “Does he have A-Q? Or maybe K-K or A-A? It has to be something good to have re-raised me.” The bet was called. The turn was a ten, which produced another sizable bet and call. The river was a card I can’t recall — mainly because I was so surprised when the big bettor flipped over 10-3 off suit. His lowly pair of tens had won the hand!

After watching a few subsequent hands, I began to see why this player’s large bets were being called. He was betting big and would either win big or lose big. He didn’t seem to care whether he won or lost, which was definitely not good for me — I want people to care about that!

After being forced out of several hands — while he stayed in no matter what — I decided to take a tougher stance. My opportunity came when I was the big blind. Big Bettor raised big (surprise, surprise!) and everyone folded to me. I looked down to see pocket nines. I called. The flop came out A-K-9. “Yes!” I thought. “I have him.” Unless, of course, he had A-A or K-K. But what were the odds of him raising with a real hand?

I checked and Big Bettor made a hefty bet. I paused and then raised him by going all in. We had just about the same amount of chips at this point. I was praying he had A-K or less. We turned over our cards and he only had pocket fours! The whole table became giddy at the thought of this maniac being bounced. The turn was a four. And then the river was . . . yup, the fourth four! He made his quads.

I’m not sure what happened next exactly. I just remember drowning my sorrows at a nearby bar and wondering how in the world Big Bettor could still be playing in the tournament while I, despite my primarily brilliant poker playing, was out.

   Aug 18

About rakeback

There exists a dirty little secret taking place within the online poker environment that folks don’t want you to know about. Close to every skilled professional gambler is aware of this secret and they have found methods to make use of it. So can you.

So many people are unaware anytime you play the game of online poker the poker network gets a fee out of almost any pot. Depending on their percentage structure it can be perhaps up to 5% from the pot worth. That set fee is named “the rake.”

But that is not actually the main secret. The big secret is actually that you can obtain a substantial share of that cash back!

Online poker is known as a enormously moneymaking commercial enterprise. The best poker rooms generate ranging from $2 million – $3 million daily. Their most challenging expense is getting hold of new customers. One of the ways poker rooms find clients is usually to pay off website owners to place ads plus backlinks on their internet sites to entice you to use that specific poker room.

However site owners are typically not brainless. They recognise that people they are passing along towards the poker room may generate hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars in fees or rake and they have shrewdly established income sharing deals with the poker sites. In quite a few instances the internet marketers receive 50% or higher of the fees (rake) people create playing on the poker site. And not just for a month or a year but for while you are a customer!

Then again the most notable online poker players – folks who bring in sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in rake a month (absolutely yes, there are players forking over $25,000 – $30,000+ each and every month in rake) – started to speculate for what reason these web masters have been earning all this money when the player was basically the person truly bringing in the rake.

The money grabbing webmasters did not want to abandon some of their percentage so they confronted the poker rooms to remain silent about how precisely much cash these folks were receiving. Nevertheless the smart and practical individuals already understood. And the majority of them decided to provide a brand new method.

What they proclaimed was, “Heya, I’ll be a affiliate marketer too. And in the event the poker network is paying me 35% Let me pay 33% back to my players and keep only 2% for providing the service.” Now, when you do the calculations, the highest level players generating $30,000 a month in rake now, suddenly ended up enjoying a windfall $9,900 per month back! That’s as well as everything they would have won at the poker tables, additional bonuses the poker site may have made available, or other extras the poker site could have presented them for being such a high quality customer.

Now many people are reading this and feel that there’s certainly no way they are able to bring in $30,000 monthly so it will be only worthwhile for the big guys. The truth is, just about anyone can sign up at these sites. No matter how large or small a player they might be.

And one doesn’t need to play at Tom Dwan like high stakes to make a respectable profit coming in from playing online poker. As an illustration, if you happen to play $1/$2 NLHE poker and can play four screens simultaneously (and that is fairly doable with some practice) and play 42 hrs a week, you could possibly earn approx . $76,000a year just on rake back. Even in the event you never won a cent from the tables you’d be receiving in the region of $76,000 yearly back.

Which isn’t a terrible living for many people. And in the event you play higher stakes, more hours, more tables, or in fact win money playing online poker in that case your gross annual take becomes even greater.

Picture absolutely no manager, no travelling to the office, no grinding away for some company who’ll sack you the moment revenues decrease. You hold the autonomy to work when you’re ready.

However, if you had to make it work simply just on your profits alone you might never get here. You would need to play either really large stakes or for so many hours that a number of people would likely burn out. All owing to rakeback, transforming into a pro online poker player is inside the reach of everybody.

   Feb 15

Feeler bet

A feeler bet is simply a bet made to know where you are in a hand, to get information in other words. Harrington talks about feeler bets in his volumes on tournament play. He differentiates between feeler bets and continuation bets.

The “feeler bet” or “probe bet” is a very valuable part of a good poker players arsenal. Knowing where you stand in a hand is key here. It is also very important to keep in mind your apparent image at the table as well. If you’re playing an aggressive style and always using continuation bets on the flop because you only enter preflop with a raise, then the feeler bet may raise suspicion.

On the other hand, nothing is more suspicious then an ultra-aggressive player checking down the flop. Knowing when to discriminate between the feeler bet, continuation bet and the value bet after the flop is definitely a subject for advanced poker theory discussion.

Like most Newbies we start off as maniacs, we see A-x and think its unbeatable and we call everyone’s “All-in” bets. At times we look like heros but mostly we get beat.

Then we move to the next level, the beginners level. To be a beginner you have to be learning something. In the beginners level we learn that “Tight is Right”. The problem many players have at this level is playing too tight. Thus, the “Feeler bet”, “Probe bet” or “Test bet” whatever you want to call it comes into play. Once you learn the value of this bet you are ready to move on to the next level. The intermediate level.

At the intermediate level we come to understand pot/ implied odds, and more importantly the value of our bets. How much to bet, when to bet, etc… A 3-4x BB pre-flop is the standard when your holding KK in middle position, or betting 1/2 the pot after the flop if you are the first to act and you did not improve your hand, etc… But this type of information is not the same in every situation. If you are at a loose table 3-4x BB pre-flop bet with KK will get you 5 or 6 callers, where if your at a tight table the same bet might make everyone fold. Betting amounts and the timing of such is something to be learned by the individual.

   Sep 26

Huckleberry Huck Seed

Huck SeedBorn on 15th January 1969, Huckleberry ‘Huck’ Seed grew up in Montana and was very academically gifted. He excelled in maths and science and went on to the California Institute of Technology to study as an electrical engineer, where he also made the basketball team. Seed had grown up in love with the game of poker and was first introduced to it at only five years-old, playing with his father.

While at college, Seed became friends with Konstantin Othmar who was writing a strategy book on seven-card stud. Seed and Othmar began playing lots of poker and became regulars in the local card rooms. Seed began to lose focus on his college studies and instead concentrated on building his poker bankroll, mainly by playing in low-stakes stud games.

It was in 1989 that Seed decided to give up college and make a career for himself as a professional poker player. This decision came when he took part in a $10/$20 Limit Hold’em game in Las Vegas. That day Seed managed to win over $1,000 thus the beginning of Huck Seed – Professional Poker Player.

Just one year after giving up college, Seed travelled to Las Vegas to participate in his first World Series of Poker, a trip which was very successful. He entered two $1,500 side-events and finished fourth in both of them for just over $16k each. Seed continued playing in cash games as well as tournaments, and thoughts of college were now a distant memory.

In 1991 Seed mainly focused on playing cash games, however he did make one major cash. It was at the 1991 Queens Poker Classic and he finished runner-up to poker legend Stu Ungar. The runner-up finish earned Seed $118,750. The rest of the 90’s saw Seed battle some personal demons including a drug and alcohol addiction. Eventually he overcame these problems and throughout the 90’s he still made some incredible results in live tournaments, including 14 WSOP cashes. This included two WSOP bracelets, one of them being extremely special however – in 1996 he won the WSOP Main Event for $1 million.

In 2000 as a new decade began, a reinvented Seed began playing more poker tournaments as well as continuing to play in the biggest cash games in the world. In 2000 Seed only had one cash at the WSOP, but it was a victory and another bracelet! It came in the $1,500 Razz event and earned him $77,400.

In 2003 Seed made six cashes at the WSOP and picked up another bracelet, yet again it came in a Razz event. He won $71,500 after defeating Phil Ivey heads-up in the event. Out of the six events Seed cashed in, he made the final table of five of them, proving he was still one of the best all-round poker players in the world.

Just as the decade neared an end, Seed made very impressive showings throughout 2008 and 2009 for a combined $1.6 million. 2008 saw him final table the prestigious $50k H.O.R.S.E event at the WSOP finishing in 7th place, as well as winning the Canadian Poker Open Championship, and the year also saw him finish third in the NBC National Heads-Up Championships. Then in 2009, Seed won the NBC Heads-Up Championships for $500k, and also earned victory on Full Tilt Poker poker television show Late Night Poker. As well as all of this Seed cased in two WSOP events, making the final table in both.

   Jul 19

Poker Chips

It does not matter if you play with clay or plastic poker chips. Watching the size of your stack is important. It is very important if you are playing in a live Texas Holdem Poker Tournament. In a regular game you can always buy more chips, but not in a tourney.

It is a sad thing to sit in a game and watch the size of your stack keep going down. Not because you are betting, just posting the blinds is eating you up. There is very little that you can do if you keep getting pocket cards like ten/three off suit. Then, at long last you draw Big Slick, to finally get in the game. Of course, the flop come 3/7/10 off suit and Big Slick does not look so good anymore. You have already wasted money on it and are tempted to throw a little more, just to see if you can’t pair the Ace or King.

This is where the poker discipline comes in to play. You look at you ever dwindling stack of chips and silently shake your head to yourself. The hand is not even worth limping in as cheaply as possible. If you can’t call with a check you should be gone. Although nothing is as frustrating as to watch hand after hand go by without a prayer of winning. Hardly the constant spike after spike of adrenaline that we all know and love. “Action! Action! Where is the action? I am sick and tired of sitting here and fiddling with my poker chips.”

So I know the way to play better is to takes more chances in the middle of the tournament. At the beginning you should plat tight as you are very deep. But knowing that ultimately your stack will be eaten away by the blinds in the late stage, you must take risk in the middle. Say you end up getting called on an all in, then you still have a chance to double and do well. Better then desperately waiting for good cards until you get eliminated.

   Mar 24

Game of bingo

The game of Bingo is a great one for recreation and fun purpose but it can also be a great game in order to double or even triple your cash. But certainly, in any of the gambling games, the risks and the uncertainties thrive, therefore if you do not belong to the risk-taker group, and you are in love with the game, it is actually possible on your part to play the game of bingo for cash.

Certainly, if you are well familiarized with these games and you are having a minimum of a tactic and strategy towards winning, you can eventually strike the jackpot at the bingo parlor. With the advent of the Web, you can also have a go at the bingo games on the Internet and fetch a good bit of cash.

As a matter of fact, at these times, the jackpot prizes in the game of bingo are becoming huge. However, like any of the other gambling games, in this game too everything is dependant on luck and risks are always there of losing everything you have got. But to the contrary view, if you become lucky enough and are able to formulate a strategy, then you can actually fetch a good chunk of money out of it.

To begin with you can pay visits to the websites like the red bus bingo. In this very website you can manage to play a wide variety of games with very little money invested. The website red bus bingo has gathered a good number of players on the web owing to its simple outlook and easy to follow rules.

In spite of the fact that you can fetch a good bit of cash in this game of bingo simply by winning the major jackpot prizes, you also got to keep in mind that the game of bingo is undoubtedly the best for fun purpose and simultaneously fetching good bit of cash with it while socializing online with other bingo players.